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MISSION: Defeat the enemies in gray suit. Yup, those baldies in the picture below!!


-Drag the player (not the whole screen)  backward and release to launch.  You don't know where it's gonna land.  Depending on where it lands on, you see different outcomes!!

You can land on the following platforms:

Wrong platforms: If you fall on wrong platform,  a bomb with 1 second countdown will blow you apart. Haha you made a wrong  jump.

 "+2"  & "+3" platforms: If you land on "+2"  platform or "+3" platform you will get 2 or 3 more companions respectively. They will help you in the fight against the enemies. Remember 3 is always better than 2 here.

 Unlearn platform:  If you fall on it, you will forget your mission. Probably you'll start partying with your enemies.  Well that's not bad thing either, the world needs peace  and  your level will be cleared for falling on "unlearn"  platform.

If you fall anywhere else, consider it as a wrong jump.


GolfyGuys2.apk 31 MB


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Gameplay Video